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Mike Stout CD

Mike Stout "The Point of Pittsburgh" CD

Includes "Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh"– $15.00 - visit Mike Stout's website


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Singer song-writer and social activist Mike Stout releases his 11th CD "The Point of Pittsburgh" to celebrate Pittsburgh's 250th Anniversary.

The Point of Pittsburgh -

   Our story of making the world a better place 

Mike Stout
Singer song-writer Mike Stout

To commemorate Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary, historian Charles McCollester’s shocking new book on the history of Pittsburgh and singer-song writer Mike Stout’s haunting  CD about Pittsburgh heroes are being jointly released under the title “The Point of Pittsburgh”. 

With rarely told, gripping stories about the struggles of Pittsburgh and its  many surprising characters McCollester and Stout evoke a renewed sense of pride and awe at what Pittsburgh and its inhabitants have meant to the world through history.

"The Point of Pittsburgh flips the stock storyline of the Steel City on its head" - Poet Pete Oresick, Chatham University 

For Charles McCollester and Mike Stout, the Point of Pittsburgh is the unconquerable spirit of the people of Pittsburgh who forged the modern world.  During its 250 year history Pittsburgh’s inventors, industrialists, abolitionists, union activists, musicians, sports heroes, educators, doctors, and blue-collar workers fought and struggled to improve life on this planet.

Mike Stout has composed a CD of songs commemorating the hard working people of uncommon valor who shaped Pittsburgh and the world.  Celebrated are the Pittsburghers who risked their livelihoods and lives to battle for the end of slavery, civil rights, worker safety, child labor laws, the 40 hour work week, fair wages, freedom, and justice.  Mike Stout sings the stories of unsung heroes from Pittsburgh’s past.

Mike Stout

Celebrated in song are abolitionist Martin Delany, boxer Billy Conn along with labor leaders Fannie Sellins (written by Anne Feeney), Crystal Eastman, The Cotton Mill Workers, Monsignor Charles Owen Rice, and Sean George.

 The 8,000 McKees Rocks immigrant workers who struck for worker safety and equitable pay are remembered in “Blood on the Rocks”.  In 1909, the dreaded Coal and Iron Police invaded Mckees Rocks to break the strike and a two hour gun battle erupted in which six strikers and five constables were killed, and more than fifty were wounded.

The folkie-fiddle-flavored tune "Homestead Town" recalls the Glory Boom Town - the forge of the universe  - where the union took on the Pinkertons and the streets where full of people in the middle of the night.  In the Dylanesque song “When the Heyday Was Here” Stout remembers the winning fights for democracy and workers' rights in Pittsburgh. He exclaims that even though the mills and the times are gone, no one can take away the incredible history and accomplishments that were forged in Homestead.

Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh

In the waltz-tempo, Americana song "Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh", Mike Stout salutes an historical parade of Pittsburgh heroes from the earliest indigenous natives through the abolitionist leaders, heroic women, union activists, the millions who worked in the steel, glass, and coal industries, to the displaced refugees of the Steeler Nation spread across the globe. Their city and its people are celebrated with the chorus …”From the North Hills to the South Hills to the East and West End….Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh from your family and friends.”


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Mike Stout CD

Mike Stout "The Point of Pittsburgh" CD

Includes "Happy Birthday to Pittsburgh"– $15.00 - visit Mike Stout's website


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