Charles McCollester“Pittsburgh, to me, has always been one of the cities in America that tells the story of America, from the times of Native Americans, the pioneers, the boatmen, the immigrants, the men and women of the iron and steel industries — the work and the sweat, the injuries and the deaths — that, in one way or another, built Pittsburgh and, in substantial ways, built this country. The excellent historian Charles McCollester has painstakingly assembled a new — and different — history of Pittsburgh, and by so doing has assembled in a remarkable way a history of this country. This is a history of ordinary people — of men and women, blacks and whites — not just alleged great white men — and of the men and women of the American labor movement — who created the fascinating city of Pittsburgh and did so much to create this country. I applaud Mr. McCollester’s efforts, and its product, enormously, for this is a history that has not been written before. I urge Pittsburghers — and Americans — to read it.”
William Serrin, author
Homestead: The Glory and the Tragedy of an American Steel Town.

The Point of Pittsburgh:
Production and Struggle at the Forks of the Ohio

By Charles McCollester

This book tells an epic story. The Point of Pittsburgh is about how one city was the key to the industrial development that made the United States a world power and how the struggle of the regionís people for democratic rights and a decent standard of living was central to the creation of the American middle-class.

Many books have been written about Carnegie, Mellon and Frick, their ambitions and contributions, and no history of Pittsburgh could be told without them. But most of this book tells a story that has not been told. It is about the Indians and the workers, not the generals or the titans of industry. It is about those who first stood at the Forks of the Ohio, those who dug the coal, tended the furnaces, wrested the iron, steel, glass and aluminum from raw material, ...
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Hear "Happy Birthday To Pittsburgh" written and performed by Mike Stout. Music from "The Point of Pittsburgh", the companion CD to the book.
The Companion Music CD by Mike Stout —
Based on Charles McCollester's 400-page history, Mike Stout has composed a CD of companion songs commemorating the hard working people of uncommon valor who shaped Pittsburgh and the world.